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KCS Militaria:  http://www.ww2militaria-kcs.com
Web Site: http://www.ww2militaria-kcs.com

Shoes to Boot:  http://www.shoestoboot.com
Web Site: http://www.shoestoboot.com

Brandenburg Historica:  Books, music, and historical artifacts of the 3rd Reich. Great source for all your marching needs!
Web Site: http://www.brandenburghistorica.com/

1944 Militaria:  1944 Militaria Dealer in High-quality German repro & original items, owned by Drew Zigo.
Web Site: http://www.1944militaria.com/

Cal Army:  http://www.calarmy.com/
Web Site: http://www.calarmy.com/

Lost Battalions:  Ed Walton's quality German and US uniforms.
Web Site: http://www.lostbattalions.com/

Armorcast Reenactor Grenades:  Poly-rubber dummy grenades so you won't cave in your buddy's head!
Web Site: http://www.armorcast.com/grenades

The World War II Reenactor's Consumer Guide:  A website which lists sources and customer reviews of WWII related suppliers of uniforms, equipment, firearms, etc. A great place to see who is out there.
Web Site: http://members.nbci.com/ww2rcg/default.html

Dickies:  http://www.dickies.com
Web Site: http://www.dickies.com

Vintage Parachutes:  http://vintageparachutes.com
Web Site: http://vintageparachutes.com