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Joint Allied Signal Company
History of the Joint Assault Signal Company

JASCO Group PhotoEstablished in October of 1943, the JASCO units were battalion-sized units comprised of Navy and either Army or Marine personnel tasked with providing coordination and control of Naval gunfire and close air support to an amphibious landing force as well as shore and beach party communications. The JASCOs were normally broken down into 13 teams as follows: an 87 man headquarters company, a 30 man shore and beach communications team, a 4 man air-liaison party attached to the division headquarters, 3 Regimental Combat Team sections each with an air-liaison party attached to regimental headquarters, and attached to each Battalion Landing Team in the RCT: a 20 man shore and beach communications team, a 7 man shore fire control party, and a 4 man air liaison party. The first operation in the PTO that JASCOs participated in was the landings at Roi-Namur in February of 1944. In 1944, the authorized strength for a JASCO was 375 Marines and 124 Navy personnel and was increased in 1945 to 406 Marines and 156 Navy personnel. In May 1945, the “Joint” was dropped from the designation and the Assault Signal Company was made organic to the Marine division’s headquarters. The JASCO is the forerunner of the modern Air/Naval/Ground Liaison Company or ANGLICO. The U.S. Army also used JASCO units in both the PTO and ETO. JASCO units took part in Operation Overlord on D-Day and some information seems to indicate that Army personnel may have been attached to Marine JASCOs during operations where Marine and army units fought beside each other (such as in the Marianas and on Okinawa).

JASCO Unit Assignments
1st Joint Assault Signal Party, Signal Company – 1st Provisional Marine Brigade 1st Joint Assault Signal Party
1st JASCO - 4th Marine Division
2nd JASCO - 2nd Marine Division
3rd JASCO - 3rd Marine Division
4th JASCO - 1st Marine Division
5th JASCO - 5th Marine Division
6th JASCO - 6th Marine Division

Pacific Theater Operations USMC JASCO Participated in:
Operation Location JASCO Unit
Flintlock Roi-Namur (Kwajalein Atoll) 1st JASCO
Catchpole Eniwetok 2nd JASCO
Forager - Tattersalls Saipan 1st JASCO/2nd JASCO
Forager - Tearaway Tinian 1st JASCO/2nd JASCO
Forager - Stevedore Guam 3rd JASCO/ 1st Joint Assault Signal Party
Stalemate II Peleliu 4th JASCO
Detachment Iwo Jima 1st JASCO/3rd JASCO/5th JASCO
Iceberg Okinawa 4th JASCO/6th JASCO