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What is the difference between fixed and swivel bale helmets?
The first M-1C's were fixed bale and were used along side of the M-2's in Normandy. The M-2 used the fixed "D" bale. The problem with the fixed bale helmets (both M-1C and M-2) is that the bales broke off easily. By the time of Market Garden almost all jump helmets were M-1C's. Also many "Leg helmets were used both with and without airborne liners.
Should Glider troops wear the Glider Wings instead of Jump Wings?
Glider troops do wear glider wings and to my knowledge there were no glider wing back ovals. I will guess that is an airborne only thing and probably just another thing that fed the fire of animosity between the paratroopers and the glider-riders. I have never seen any documentation in any of my references.
Whar is the difference between all the scabbards used in the war?
The M-4 bayonet-knife for the M-1 carbine would have been carried in a M-8 scabbard. The carbine bayonets didn't appear until VERY late in the war. The M-8 scabbards came out in mid-1944. They were replaced by the M-8A1 scabbards in mid-1945. The difference is the M-8A1 has a longer canvas we hanger and belt-hooks were provided. Also, later issue M-8A1's have a metal tip protector affixed due to the fiberglass scabbards tendancy to break off at the tip. M-8 scabbards were common among airborne forces during the Market Garden operation and thrugh the end of the war. Some were used in Normandy but they were not as common as the leather M-6 scabbards. The M-8 is much easier to maintain than the M-6.
How can a carbine be blank adapted?
The trick with the carbine is to counter-bore the barrel before tapping it. The counter-bore will recess the treads enough that a live round won’t touch the threaded area. Check with your local gunsmith. I had to learn the hard way not to use the snap blank adapter on the M1 carbine. It will most definitely give you fits. My adapter would come loose to the point that it would not seal properly and down right dangerous. At one point it was loose enough to be shoot out as projectle had I not spotted it in time.
What was the Chaplin's role in the Army?
Although Chaplains held officer rank, they could not command troops in the field. They had no formal military training. Their rank was in a sense honorary. They learned how to be chaplains and not soldiers. They truly were men of God and not men of war.
What type of parachutes were used in WWII?
Camouflage or white chutes for WWII. Many historians say that OD chutes weren't around till the mid 1950's (also when they went to black jump boots). For Overlord, about half of the chutes were white and half were camo. They wanted all camo chutes for the drop but couldn't get production to meet demand.
How do I shine my shoes/boots?
There are many methods and it depends on the persons preference. You'll need: 1 can of brown Kiwi shoe polish an old t-shirt all cotton water (put it in the top of the kiwi can) cotton balls I do the following: Remove the laces and clean your boots with a dry brush, make sure you get all the dirt off! start at the toe of the boot and apply a fair amount of polish dry with the t-shirt wrapped around your finger in a circular motion dip a cotton ball in the water and start polishing in a circular motion till your see a high gloss shine (this will have to be done more than a few times!) Next do the heal in the same manner Then move to the sides and upper Last polish the tongue (yes the tongue) Dress the edge of the sole with black boot dressing When applying the polish less is better, don't get to much on or it will get "gunky" and sticky and be a pain to polish DO NOT: use parade dressing use any instant high gloss applications use a cigarette lighter on the polish put you boot in the oven with polish on them (yes people actually try this, it cracks the leather!) I will typically watch an episode of Band of Brother or Private Ryan while polishing my boots
What is a Class C Uniform
Standard tropical or "khaki" shirt/trousers/tie.
How do I get my boots broken in?
All I did with mine was hit them with coat of saddle soap and wear them for 4 nights at home. I have extremely flat feet and I'm famous for having new shoes hurt my arches (or lack of) so I threw in a set of the gel inserts and I honestly have never had a more comfortable set of boots nor ones that broke in as quickly. That following weekend I was at my first tactical with no issues of soreness at all.
Which rifle sling do I need on my M-1 Garand?
The 501st unit standard is the M1907 leather sling for 101st in Normandy.