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Join the 501st

Attached are the required forms and information necessary to initiate the application process. Understand that not all applications are accepted. We reserve the right to refuse membership to any applicant for any reason. Furthermore, since incomplete or unsigned applications will be returned, please follow the below steps insuring the forms are completed as thoroughly as possible.


Printable application in Portable Document Format (pdf)
1. Complete and sign the application.
2. Complete and sign the Certificate of Disclaimer.
3. Include a copy of a current and valid photo ID (date of birth required).
4. Forward all of the forms and a check for $35.00 to:

Paul Morrison/501 S-1
475 S. Central Ave.
Church Hill, TN 37642

Your initial $35.00 membership fee will cover the following:
A. A set of WWII era notched dog tags
B. A 101st Airborne Division shoulder patch
C. Membership and access to the 501st Unit Chat Site on Yahoo
D. First year membership (subsequent dues are $30 annually)

Upon acceptance of your application and receipt of your initial dues, you will be assigned to a squad in a platoon comprised of other members in your geographical area. You will be designated as a trainee until the completion of your 3rd event (to include two living history events and one tactical event), at which time you will receive the rank of private first class.

Your squad leader will answer any questions and assist you in completing your combat impression. We will assist you in the selection/purchase of uniforms, weapons and field gear by making sure that you get the correct items and when possible, at a lower price. This will save you money and disappointment and maintain the authenticity level of our unit.

In addition to unit membership, most event sponsors require membership in a nationally recognized re-enactment organization. Your platoon leader can also assist you with this.

Once again, congratulations on choosing The Five Oh First Group. Regimental Operations will be contacting you soon!